Week 25

It was  a nice summer morning until my phone rang and my friends called and said that they needed to se me . I thought that they just wanted to se me . I was wrong really really wrong they hade got arrested for hitting a car and they said that most dumb thing. They said but I didn’t mean to hit that hard. So I had to bail them outcome the county jail. It was like hundred dollars . It was really bad . I was so mad and they all got their license taken away for a month. Don’t crash your car .!!!

One thought on “Week 25

  1. hi jackson! your story is very enjoyable and i really love it!
    one thing that i loved was how you made the setting really clear, and it was pretty interesting!
    i also like how you made it really fun too!
    something that maybe you can change, sometimes i couldn’t really understand it. you can also work on adding commas or semi-colons, they would organize your writing better!
    -gabi in illinois!

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