Week 17

As I slept out of my dorm and ran down the stairs to my class I was breathing heavily and the pictures that were on the tv was a yellow taxi   And a waterfall and my teacher was excited that I showed up to class and after I went to my final class for […]

Week 14

So if I was in one of those adds I would say if people shan’t to stop climate change we start by making the switch to electric and then we also use wind power and we can stop burning fossils and shut down factory’s and we can stop the polar ice caps melting if we […]

Week 13

It all started when me and my brother and sister where playing a game and the tv just switch straight to the news and it was a special report saying that the ice caps are melting and that they are relocating animals to the USA and only to these states Colorado Arizona and  Montana and […]

week 10

this morning I woke up to the sound of the steam stacks and it is so dumb how they are the ones that like to keep a sine out front of the gate that said stop climate change and the are burning fossil fuels and making more smoke in to the air and it is […]

Week 8

it all stared when I was in bed and I was wok by my mom yelling at me what did i tell you about the lightthat  I hade not shut my light off last night and my brother said that it was hem and not me and my mom said that then it is on […]

week 7

it all stated wen I was walking in to school and I felt a snow flak and it is the middle of  to October and it dost snow for another mouth and wen we were in math wen we looked outside and it was a blizzard and we all hade to go to are desk […]

Week #6

It started on the day when I was walking to school and I saw a green pees of grass. To you it might not seem so weird but it is the mild of winter. In my mind I thought why is Climate Change so insane? It has been a hot winter it has overwhelmed all […]

Week 5

One morning I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock and my mom said you awake buddy you look like you just sal a ghost I said yeah mom I just hade a wired dream I was on a class Field trip in as we were walking through the art museum I saw […]

Week 4

Today me and my sister and brother were going to the river in are town and wen we got there it was so dry. Man I have never seen a river bed so dry before In my life. Me my sister and brother  all just sat down on the ground and ate are lunch it […]

Week 3

It was the morning of my eleventh birthday and my mom woke me up with my present’s and I jumped out of bed and I gave my mom a hug and she said time to get ready for school and I said k mom and got ready my brother said happy birthday Jax and then […]