Ok so in my town it smells like fresh concrete and all the buildings are pink . You mite say that it is wired but the wired is the jumping Corp and the hungry Corp yeah my dad is the co of jcorp  my dad wants me to have jcorp . I want to get […]

Week 30

It is pretty cool to think about how people would use the things that they hade it is a lot different from today . I mean people hade problem solving thinking that thinking gave people the iron . The iron was this thing that people would use to make there close nice and not wrinkly […]

Week 28

Jason and his dad were on a trip to the twin towers and there had been  earthquakes happening for the last month . So we were at them and then the entire building  Shuck and then crash  the building was falling apart with at least 300 people in it  so my dad ran in and […]

Week 27

One day me and my class were on a filled trip to this laboratory were they were working on lazar me and my friend cobi went in to one of the rooms rite at the door and we were shrunk so not only was that bad enough we were shrunk we wer on a leaf […]

Week 23

It all started wen I was in bed I hade been at sea for a month know . I was sea sick for a month . I was  so done so I went up on deck so that I could se who was up . We. I got up on the wight stairs I saw […]

Week 25

It was  a nice summer morning until my phone rang and my friends called and said that they needed to se me . I thought that they just wanted to se me . I was wrong really really wrong they hade got arrested for hitting a car and they said that most dumb thing. They […]

Week 24

It started wen me and my friends were on a walk and we saw this bear cub on a tree and we looked and it was gone  so we went to the water fall and we saw it and we went to go and grab it and it vanished in thin air and we walked […]

Week 18

One day there was a a boy waking on the hillb lived on the country  side and he found this old key and brought it to his dad and mom they said that the key was sentry old and that it came from the time wen knights and kings ruled over the land and the […]

Week 17

As I slept out of my dorm and ran down the stairs to my class I was breathing heavily and the pictures that were on the tv was a yellow taxi   And a waterfall and my teacher was excited that I showed up to class and after I went to my final class for […]

Week 14

So if I was in one of those adds I would say if people shan’t to stop climate change we start by making the switch to electric and then we also use wind power and we can stop burning fossils and shut down factory’s and we can stop the polar ice caps melting if we […]